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Sticker Printing
At Boldmedia Print we understand the nature of marketing your business, and that sticker printing is a vital part of that. We offer a range of professional label and print stickers that work to promote your business, boost your brand and create recognition among existing and prospective customers. Our custom stickers can also be printed for non-marketing purposes too.
What are the reasons for Sticker Printing?
The possibilities are quite literally endless when it comes to stickers and labels – assorted labels of any design, any format, any shape or size.
Whether you are looking to promote a product, create brand awareness or are just looking for custom sticker printing for fun, they are a great way to get your message across.
And, because of the wide variety of sticker printing that we offer there is something to suit every scenario and every budget.
We offer a top quality printing service that results in your stickers being of the finest quality, professionally printed and if you need help with the design we can also assist.
What kind of sticker printing does Boldmedia Print offer?
A big part of our business is printing custom made stickers, and this is the umbrella under which we offer a variety of specific sticker printing services that include:
Sticker Label Printing
Our sticker label printing service covers beer bottle labels, wine bottle labels, stickers and labels for food packaging and organisational purposes that include marking files, CDs and DVDs. We can print stickers and labels in matt, gloss, solid background, clear background, any colour, shape or size, paper stickers, vinyl stickers and so the list goes on. We can print custom stickers to your specifications.
Sticker printing on vinyl
Vinyl is a very popular substrate for sticker printing. Printing vinyl stickers allow you to create vehicle stickers (for vehicle branding), decal stickers and window stickers. Whether you are looking to promote your business or simply add a decor element, personalised stickers in vinyl are very impactful, easy to apply and very cost effective. They also allow you the flexibility to change your message or theme whenever you want.
Car Stickers
Car stickers include vinyl vehicle stickers and license disk stickers, which are great as logo stickers. Whatever design you want, we can print it for you. We can also assist with the design when your order custom stickers from Asset Print.
Other Custom Made Stickers
The only limitation to what we can do when it comes to custom sticker printing is your imagination. Whether you are looking for decal stickers to spruce up a wall in your home, glass stickers for your window, name tags, domed labels, labels for your pantry shelves, we are your one-stop custom sticker printing shop.
Boldmedia Print is your first choice sticker company
We offer a turnkey solution for all your custom sticker printing needs. From deciding what kind of sticker to design and then printing we offer a professional, creative, cost-effective and efficient sticker printing service. Get in touch now for a quote.

We have same day service for flyers and brochures and also business cards. Artwork and payment has to be in by 9 am each week day

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