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Need something special for a group but don’t want to break the bank? Our personalized bandanas are perfect for bridesmaids, parties, vacations, and more!

There are so many bandana options to choose from so message me what you are thinking and I can find the bandana for you! There are basic colors and prints American flags, animal prints, etc.

Please include this information in the “notes to seller” section when you order:
1. Name to be embroidered on bandana*
2. Thread Color
3. Font

*There is an uncharge for hashtags or phrases over 12 characters*

Thread color options- red, orange, yellow, gold, green, lime green, teal, navy, blue, light blue, purple, lavender, hot pink, light pink, coral, grey, brown, black, white

Bandanas and their meanings to different groups of people

You probably have seen a bandana, but do you exactly know what it implies? Do you know what its meaning? Bandana is actually a Hindi word, which means “to tie.” It is primarily used to keep away the dust and sweat from the face. Years passed by and bandana became a fashionable piece of cloth. Bandanas now have different associations. As a matter of fact, the colors of bandana have something to say with the one wearing it. Do you want to know the exact meaning of bandana to different group of people? If so, then keep on reading below.

Gangs/fraternity association
Gangsters are usually spotted wearing bandanas. No wonder why bandanas are associated with gangs or fraternity group. Bandanas with particular colors like black, red, blue, and yellow are highly preferred by these groups. You will see these groups of people wearing bandanas around the head while others simply put their bandana of the pocket of their pants. It was in 1970s when the very first gang was spotted using bandana to signify their group. The gangs were known as the Bloods and Crips and the two opposing colors used were blue and red.
Relationship Status/sexual orientation
For some time, bandanas were used to represent a relationship status or even a sexual orientation. Bandanas with stripe details represent a particular group of people. On the other hand, bandanas with bold colors and patterns show the willingness of the person using that bandana to perform sexual act. Bandanas have also become popular in the heterosexual community. The bandana was used as a hanky code by the gay community, specifically in the year 1970s.
Association with law breakers
Bandanas have negative implications too. Oh well, this was during the old west time. At some point, bandanas were associated with law breakers, especially colored bandanas. Law breakers usually made themselves unnoticed by simply covering their face with a colored bandana. So, when they go out of the public, they will not be noticed.
Music association
Bandanas also represent your music association. In the 1980s, those who love rock and roll music were spotted wearing colorful bandanas. The bandanas were worn around the neck and forehead. There are also music bands that are known for their bandanas.
Bandanas have been around since time immemorial. They remained to be a favorite fashion piece by celebrities and even ordinary people. More than the fashion purpose, bandanas have several meanings to different groups of people. Over the years, the meaning of bandana to people has significantly changed. Currently, bandanas are used as a stylish and functional fashion piece. If you want to look best with your bandana, then you get to take a look at the fashion inspiration online. As a matter of fact, a lot of known personalities in the Hollywood are spotted wearing bandanas. More than the group


Bandanas | Multifunctional | Promo

Get people to wear your brand! What better way to promote your brand than for your customers to wear the Bandana while engaging in their favourite activity


Design | Manufacture | Deliver

We offer a full turnkey solution from design to delivering the final bandana to your door. These are tubular bandanas and not those square boring bandanas.

We have sameday service for flyers and brochures and also business cards. Artwork and payment has to be in by 9 am each week day

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