We cover all the options!

Our high-quality, high-resolution digital colour printers produce large quantities of book covers each week.

The vibrancy of colours is exceptional, as is the quality of photographic reproduction from our machines.

Covers for perfect binding can be produced on a wide variety of industry standard card, whilst we are also able to print dust jackets for case-bound books, as well as PPCs (Printed Paper Cases).

Whatever type of binding and finishing you require, we can help!

Don’t see what you need?

We not only offer perfect or case- bound books. We have a number of bespoke printing and finishing options available:


  • Saddle-stitched booklets
  • Wiro binding
  • Coil/Spiral binding
  • Drilling for binder sets with tabs
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Embossing
  • Collating
  • Inserting and mailing
  • Loose-leaf printing

Perfect paperback books, every time!

This binding technique is used to create shop-ready paperback books, and is the most popular and least expensive finishing option.

We produce in excess of 25,000 perfect-bound a week, to a high standard using extremely strong Henkel glue on our binding line.

How we perfect bind your book:

  • The digitally printed full-colour cover is laminated on our automatic laminator
  • The printed loose-leaf sheets leave the black and white digital printing presses ready collated
  • They enter the bindery where the book block is gathered and milled along the spine edge to create a rough surface
  • The glue is applied and the cover is creased before being wrapped around and adhered to the text block
  • The books are trimmed to final size
  • Your books are then carefully packed and despatched as requested

File Scan Services

At Boldmedia Worldwide our pre-press department uses a PDF workflow.  However if you can’t supply us with print-ready PDF files, we can convert documents for you from most of the industry standard applications.

What does this mean?

It means that you’re no longer limited to printing what your have a PDF file for!

Scanning Books

High-resolution scanning is available to turn you manuscripts and hard copies back into PDF format.

We can:

  • Scan each page to image and re-collate the file into a PDF format
  • Optimise the files to cope with mixed text and images
  • Redesign and/ or typeset your hard copy book
  • Scan and recreate your cover using high-resolution colour scanning, including repairing blemishes and adjusting the spine size
  • Scan is destructive scan only

Ebook conversion through Printondemand-worldwide

At Boldmedia-Worldwide we can convert your printed book into an ebook. In fact, it doesn’t have to be a book. If you have a publication you want available in electronic form, we can help!

What’s involved?

Our ebook conversion service, requires you to provide a PDF, Word or InDesign file of the work you require converting, and we will do the rest. Other file formats accepted subject to review.

We know that security of content is important to you so all our conversions are carried out in the UK.

What’s more, we use actual human beings to make sure the electronic version of your publications is every bit as elegant and readable as the printed version (where ebook reader format permits).

A computer can’t grasp the subtleties of style and syntax that make your publications unique, so we never rely on them 100%.

Ebook Formats

Unlike many of our competitors, we offer conversion into multiple formats:


  • Used by the majority of tablet style readers e.g. iPad 
  • Flexible format that allows text to flow into different screen styles handling colour and multimedia 
  • Can handle audio and video inserts

PRC (Kindle)

  • For use with Amazon Kindle and other readers that use Electronic Ink technology
  • Black and white only at present 
  • Very popular for text-only ebooks


  • Handles colour illustrations and complex formatting very well but has limited flexibility

As you can see, whatever format suits your content and your customer base, whether it’s an iPad, Kindle, Nook, Kobo or even a mobile phone, we can accommodate as we convert to all formats.

We offer online, mobile, mobile internet and library sales channels.  This means your ebooks have every opportunity and platform to sell. Please keep reading for information on our ebook Retail Services.

We can also offer a bespoke service for embedded audio and video as well as app creation.  Just ask us about these!

PODW only quotes conversion prices on sight of the file to be converted.

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Just pay for what you print!

Short run printing allows you to order smaller stocks for first runs or auto stock replenishment back to your warehouse/distributor. 

There is no contract involved for this service, no file storage costs, and no minimal annual expenditure.

From receipt of digital files (scanning service available) we aim to supply you a full production proof within 3-4 working days, with order fulfilment and despatch within 10-20 working days from approval of the proof copy depending on quantity and format (turn times may vary due to seasonality). 

Within this price structure, we offer perfect bound and case bound books from A6 up to A4 in size.

Helping your business

Our customers range from large mainstream and medium-sized publishers who fulfil their orders using our on-demand technology (from single copies), through to smaller organisations and commercial businesses who produce one or two books or journals a year and need to maintain short stock.

Our production processes are also ideal for marketing departments wishing to produce advance copies for reviewers and full-colour marketing brochures and leaflets. 

Because of this, we have designed our services to cater to your business and your needs.  You can pick and mix whichever solutions you feel are suitable and we endeavour to work with you to provide a service that exceeds your expectations. 

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